Study: Love Doesn’t Decrease Due to Long Marriage

Study: Love Doesn’t Decrease Due to Long Marriage

Introduction: The greatest love in the world can race against time.

When you are old, he / she corrects your reading: “How many people love you when you are young and happy, admiring your beauty, imagination, or sincerity; only one person loves the soul of your pilgrim .” According to the Los Angeles Times”Recently reported that Arthur Aron, a social psychologist at State University of New York at Stony Brook, recently discovered through a brain scan that love has a” strong “catalytic effect on the brain, and the psychological experience of having a bath with someone in love is just like that.Like stimulants.

At the same time, his research also pointed out that no matter how long the marriage, there is still a hot “love” between real couples.

  As early as 2005, Aron began this research.

He recruited a group of volunteers, male and female, and had an unlimited age for love or marriage.

The results show that when you see a picture of your partner, special locations that cause the brain to generate rewards and motivational signals become active, and dopamine neurons significantly increase.

  Previous research has shown that most couples change their time from “love” to “grace”, are more loyal to each other, but have little passion.

Experts further researched that those couples who have been living in marriage for more than 20 years can still maintain a very high love index, and the level of central nervous activity is almost the same as that of the couple who just surrounded the love.

  Experts say this result gives couples a beautiful vision.

“It’s not difficult to keep the temperature of love, couples just need to spend more time in marriage.

“, First listen patiently and respond in a supportive manner.

If your partner says “I had a very interesting dream last night”, your answer should be “tell me quickly”; if your partner refuses to work too much, it is best to give the other person some straightforward comfort, such as “workIt’s not ideal, you must feel uncomfortable. ”

  In addition, couples should celebrate more memorable days, such as wedding anniversary, each other’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, children’s birthday, revisit the details of the first date, or celebrate every day that comes to mind.

During these commemorative activities, the husband and wife need to collaborate to complete some arrangements to stimulate the brain’s dopamine secretion, so as to remind the two to find back the feeling of love or to stimulate happiness together, and to promote marriage happiness.

When you bother to choose gifts for your partner and prepare meals, the romance crushed by time is integrated to give a “fiction” -like experience.