Doctor explains how to properly treat a wound after being bitten by a pet

Doctor explains how to properly treat a wound after being bitten by a pet

In addition to warm-blooded animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, horses, and cows, Guangzhou citizens have gradually adopted cold-blooded animals such as turtles, snakes, and soft-shelled turtles. Accidents of being bitten by pets have repeatedly occurred.

According to statistics from the Emergency Department of the Armed Police Hospital alone, in May, there were 48 patients who were bitten by pets. In addition to being bitten by cats and dogs, one person was horse, three were pet turtles, and seven were bitten by snakes.

Apin and others who live in Luogang District were bitten by poisonous snakes during a walk recently. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Mr. Wang learned to ride horses in the scenic area. When he got off the horse, he accidentally fell down and was bitten by it. Now he remembers that he is still worried . March to October is the estrus period of animals. The weather in Guangzhou is sultry and it is more likely to cause animal agitation, Temperament mutation, aggressive.

To this end, the deputy director of the emergency department of the hospital, Lu Jun, made recommendations for the situation of being bitten by different animals. 1. Warm-blooded animals such as cats and dogs may carry rabies virus. After being bitten, they must be injected with rabies vaccine.
Bitten by cats and dogs. Squeeze the blood from the wound first, then repeatedly wash the wound with soap and water, then rinse with plenty of water, and apply iodine.

Generally do not need to be bandaged or somewhat.

Get rabies vaccine as soon as possible.

The vaccine should be given as soon as possible within 48 hours of being bitten.

The specific injection time is: on the same day, one vaccine is injected into each muscle on the 3rd, 7th, 14th, and 30th days.

In addition, experts have specifically reminded that cats and dogs who have been vaccinated with rabies vaccine need to be injected with rabies vaccine because they still carry the virus.

If bitten by a horse, first rinse with saline or cold water, then bandage the wound with 2% baseball soil water or 1% salt sugar water, and inject antitoxin if necessary.

  2. Turtles and turtles are cold-blooded animals. No rabies vaccine is needed for bite injuries, but it is best to go to the hospital for anti-inflammatory treatment.

If the injured person is a child or infant, in addition to anti-inflammatory, tetanus vaccine should be injected.

If bitten by a poisonous snake, don’t panic to prevent the venom from spreading and absorbing.

Bandage near the wound and immediately rinse the wound and surrounding skin with water, soapy water or a 1: 5000 potassium permanganate solution to remove venom.

If you suck with your lips, you need to ensure that your mouth, lips are not damaged, and there is no dental caries, otherwise there is a danger of poisoning. The sucked venom will be immediately spit out and mouthwashed.

In short, it is better to rush to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.