[Can I eat geese while confinement?

]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

[Can I eat geese while confinement?
]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

People usually eat many kinds of meat. Above, people eat more pork and chicken. In addition, they also like to eat beef, lamb, etc. By reference, people eat less goose meat. Here we need to remind everyone pleaseNote that goose meat cannot be eaten with cold foods, otherwise it will affect gastrointestinal health and most easily cause indigestion. Can women make goose meat while confinement?

Can confinement eat geese?
After a new life, the mother always needs a certain amount of time to recover, and must strictly control food, hygiene and other aspects, because while providing the child with breast milk, he also needs to provide his body with energy for recovery.

So what should confinement pay attention to in diet?

Can confinement eat goose?

Let ‘s take a look.


Can confinement eat goose meat? Goose meat tastes sweet and flat, has yin tonifying qi, warms the stomach and refreshes the body, dispels rheumatism and anti-aging effects, and is the top grade of traditional Chinese medicine diet.

Expectant mothers eating goose meat have the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing qi, and warming the stomach and opening the body.

Goose meat has a low trace content, good quality, and high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, especially linolenic acid, which is better than other meats, which is good for human health.

In addition, the melting point of the goose meat is also very low, and the thickness is soft, which is easily digested and absorbed by the human body.

Consumption of a woman in moderation is conducive to postpartum recovery.

Goose meat has high amino acid and high protein content, which is helpful for breastfeeding. It is very suitable for breastfeeding mothers. It can improve milk quality.


Can infants eat goose? Goose is a hair product, and babies can eat a small amount of goose, but babies who have eczema, skin sores, and itchy skin may not aggravate their illness.

In addition, goose meat contains various amino acids necessary for human growth and development, which is very beneficial to the growth of babies, especially for children who are weak and have insufficient blood.

Finally, goose can also relieve lead poisoning.


What kind of food can’t be eaten with goose1.

Goose meat cannot be eaten with high-protein food. Goose meat itself is a high-protein diet. A large amount of protein is difficult to digest after eating. High-protein food needs to be difficult to digest after eating. If you eat high-protein food after eating goose,Protein foods have a huge load on the digestive system. Eating too much can easily cause indigestion.

Common high-protein foods are: eggs, milk, beans and their products, and some nuts.


Goose meat should not be eaten with cold food. Goose meat is a high-protein food. It is difficult to digest and contains a lot of fat. If you eat goose meat while eating some cold food, it is easy to cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Common greasy foods are: all kinds of iced food, sometimes: ice cream, ice cream, etc.