Health Qigong helps your waist strong keys


Health Qigong helps your waist strong keys

In daily life, symptoms such as back pain, lower extremity pain, and knee pain are all signs of problems in the lumbar spine. At this point you need to be aware of it.

The lumbar spine is an important part of the spinal canal. It bears the weight of the upper body of our body and coordinates the movement of the lower body, only second to the cervical spine.

Lumbar vertebrae can easily be injured due to incorrect work and study postures and improper waist force.

What I recommend to you today is that it can not only strengthen the kidneys and strengthen the waist, but also adjust our lumbar spine. It is easy to learn and can be practiced in the office and at home.

Action Name: Kneeling Boots (Fifth Action of Health Qigong ? Guiding Health Exercise) The specific method of this action is: first, step by step, relax the whole body, hold both hands (square boxing) on the waist side, and look at the front.

Then, by inhaling, lifting the anus and abdomen, stretching the chest, stretching the body to the left, at the same time, the left fist changed palms with the left arm inwardly extended and lifted up, looking at the left palm;Rotate the body to the right and swing forward to the upper right front of the body, straighten the left arm, and look at the left palm; keep, the left palm falls in front of the right shoulder (the back of the thumb and the side of the index finger sticks to the right shoulder), bend your elbows and raise your eyes,Yu Guang looked at the left palm.

Then, through exhalation, loosening the abdomen and loosening the anus, the right side of the upper body yielded, and the legs were straightened. At the same time, the left palm was slightly rotated with the left arm and moved down along the right leg, raising the head slightly; the body turned to the left without stopping.At the same time, the left palm was transported with the left arm through the foot surface and transported to the left foot outside the reorganization. It looked like a boot, and looked up slightly.

Then, through inhalation, lift the anus and abdomen. At the same time, the left palm rotates with the left arm and fists, and lifts up to the left knee with the upper body, and raises the head slightly.

Finally, by exhaling, loosening the abdomen and loosening the anus, the upper body is straight up, and at the same time, the left fist is closed on the waist side, the fist heart is facing up, the middle punch point is the labor palace, and the eyes are looking straight ahead.

The reason why this action can help us to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist is to: 1.

Human kneeling can act on the veins of the kidneys of the waist and the spine, and the kidneys are similar to the bladder meridians passing through the waist. Therefore, often training “kneeling boots” can help nourish the kidney yin and warm the kidney yang, Qi is returned to the kidney, and the kidney is strong.


With the waist as the axis, gentle and slow movements are conducive to conditioning the ligament muscles around the lumbar spine, thereby achieving the purpose of conditioning the lumbar spine.

This action is done once for each of the left and right exchanges, with 2 passes as a group, doing 4?
Just 5 groups.