Nine essential requirements for matching men and women

Nine essential requirements for matching men and women

1 You are each other’s best friend, without any conditions, like to be with each other.

  2 It is easy to communicate with each other, and each other can openly confess everything without worrying about being doubted or despised by the other party.

  3 The two have common ideas and values in their hearts, and have a clear understanding and pursuit of these concepts.

  4 You all think that marriage is a lifetime thing, and both parties (especially the “two sides”) are firmly willing to commit to this long-term marriage relationship.

  5 When conflicts or disputes occur, they can be resolved together, rather than later.

  6 Get along can be funny, often laugh, and treat humor in many aspects of life.

  7 You know each other very well, and you accept each other. You know the other person understands your strengths and weaknesses, and still recognizes that you are accepted by him.

  8 You can always get support and affirmation from each other, that is, the person you trust most.

  9 Occasionally you will have romantic and exciting emotional experiences, but most of the time, you get along well and feel comfortable.