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Huawei’s revenue last year accounted for more than half of the consumer business of 858.8 billion yuan

Huawei’srevenuelastyearaccountedformorethanhalfoftheconsumerbusinessof858.8billionyuan OnMarch30,Huaweireleasedits2019annualreport.ThereportshowsthatHuaweiachievedglobalsalesrevenueof85.88millionyuan,anannualincreaseof19.1%;netprofit62.7billionyuan,cashflowfromoperatingactivities91.4billionyuan,anannualincreaseof22.4%.Inaddition,Huawei’sR&Dexpensesin2019amountedto131.7billionyuan,accountingfor15oftheannualsalesrevenue.3%,thetotalR&DexpenditureinthepasttenyearshasexceededRMB600billion.XuZhijun,Huawei’srotatingchairman,said:“2019isanextraordinaryyearforHuawei.Underextremelysevereexternalchallenges,allHuaweiemployeesareunitedtofocusoncreatingvalueforcustomersandwintheattentionandtrustofcustomersandpartners.,Theoveralloperationissound.ThefinancialreportshowsthatHuawei’soperatorbusinessrevenuewas296.7billion,anannualincreaseof3.8%;corporatebusinessrevenuewas89.7billion,ayear-on-yearincreaseof8.6%;consumerbusinessincomeof467.3billionUSdollars,anannualincreaseof34%.XuZhijunemphasized:”Inthefaceofamorecomplexexternalenvironmentinthefuture,wecanonlycontinuetoimprovethecompetitivenessofproductsandservices,focusoncreatingvalueforcustomersandsociety,openinnovation,masterthehistoricalpossibilitiesofdigitalizationandintelligenceintheindustry,andachievesustainedSteadydevelopment.”Sauna,YeWangLuYifueditorLiWeijiaproofreadLiMing

[How to make stewed pork ribs with tempeh]_Recommended Diet

[How to make stewed pork ribs with tempeh]_Recommended Diet Douchi is a common seasoning. It is synthesized by fermentation and is often used in cooking various dishes. Pork ribs have rich nutritional value, can effectively supplement the nutritional components needed by the human body, and with the combination of peppers, they will not feel greasy […]

[Can you eat pasta with high blood sugar]_Pasta_High blood sugar_Can you eat

銆愯绯栭珮鑳藉悆闈㈤鍚椼€慱 闈㈤_楂樿绯朹鑳戒笉鑳藉悆 鐢熸椿涓緢澶氫汉閮戒細鍑虹幇琛€绯栭珮鐨勭棁鐘讹紝涓€鑸潵璇达紝闀挎湡鐨勯珮琛€绯栧涓嶅強鏃剁殑鏀瑰杽灏卞緢瀹规槗閫犳垚绯栧翱鐥咃紝琛€绯栭珮锛屽湪鏃ュ父楗涓婇渶瑕佹牸澶栫殑璁茬┒锛岄偅涔堝彲浠ュ悆闈㈤鍚楋紵 闈㈤鏈夊緢澶氱绫伙紝濡傝捀鍒堕潰椋熴€佺叜鍒堕潰椋熴€佺児鍒堕潰椋熷搧绛夛紝鏍峰紡涔熶簲褰╃激绾凤紝鍙互璇存瘡涓汉鏃犳椂鏃犲埢閮界涓嶅紑闈㈤銆傞偅琛€绯栭珮鍙互鍚冮潰椋熷悧锛?瀵逛簬琛€绯栭珮鍙笉鍙互浠ュ悆闈㈤锛屼笓瀹朵粙缁嶅悆闈㈤灏辫鑰冭檻鍒扮儹閲忎簡銆傚湪甯傞潰涓婃瘡涓€绯伴潰鐓啛鍚庯紝绠椾竴绠楃害绛変簬3/4纰?1 楰 楑 楗 慗 噺 尽 洜 姝 ら 哽 哽 哂 哄 哯 哯 尯 勼 笉 締 ℃℃ 槸 涔 涔 綴 栴 栨 槨 尃 唃 揃 鬤 僤 僤 泸 泸 泸 泸 泸 泸 泸 泸 揸 揃 揤 古 泸 峸 揤 揤 揸 揸 […]

[Is the melon hot or cool?

]_Attribute_Nutrition Value [Is the melon hot or cool? ]_Attribute_Nutrition Value People often say that the small melon usually refers to the corner melon, many people call it zucchini, which is a food that can often be eaten in life. The small melon is very rich in nutrition, you can use vitamin c, in addition to […]

Learn to Select Nutritional Supplements

Learn to Select Nutritional Supplements To clear the internal organs and parts that need to be adjusted: the human body has five internal organs and six internal organs. Generally, the internal organs should be mainly based on the internal organs. Such as the lungs should choose two types of qi and yin. Ginseng, Huanghua, etc. […]

Recommended dietary methods for 5 virtual men

Recommended dietary methods for 5 “virtual” men Tonic program for men with kidney deficiency Tonifying the kidney is still the most important thing for men. Most men with kidney deficiency show symptoms such as backache, cold limbs, soft legs, decreased sexual function, and tinnitus. Winter dietary supplementation should be based on kidney and yang, and […]

Sleepy woman must know skin care

_1 Sleepy woman must know skin care As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems. Especially in the hot summer, sun protection, moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging are compulsory courses in basic care. So, how can we keep the pink and delicate face undefeated?   The most active time of metabolism of human epidermal cells is […]

Be careful with these foods make stupid children

Be careful with these foods “make” stupid children Reasonably supplementing your child with some nutritious foods can play a role in brain health. Conversely, if you don’t pay attention to the choice of food, let your child eat whatever he likes, but it will damage the development of the brain. What foods are detrimental to […]

Is a man something

Is a man something When women say “men have nothing good,” this in itself indicates that women expect a good man. So how can we “find” a good man? Nine experts had a hot dispute at the end of the year. Are men a “thing”?   There is a Ximen Qing, there is a Pan Jinlian […]

Children who love sweet drinks are out of group

Children who love sweet drinks are out of group . A new study published in the latest issue of the American Journal of Pediatrics found that a large number of carbonated drinks every day easily lead to more aggressive children, causing behavior problems such as lack of concentration and grouping. The new two-month study was […]