[KT cat cake approach]_KT cat cake common practice _KT cat cake practice Daquan _KT cat cake how to make

[KT cat cake approach]_KT cat cake common practice _KT cat cake practice Daquan _KT cat cake how to make

With the development of the times, few of us may cook.

Everyone eats food stalls and takes away.

There is nothing wrong with this, but the food outside is not necessarily clean. Sometimes you can prepare your own meals to taste good food and also get healthy. The following editor will introduce you to the KT cat cake.


First prepare Qifeng cake 2.

1212 Whipped cream with sugar to pass 3.

2121 The cake is cut into two pieces, and then spread a layer of whipped cream in the middle and close the cake (you can add your favorite fruit fillings) 4.

After that, the whole cake is filled with the whipped cream and then smoothed. It must be smoothed first, and it will be better to smooth the top and then the sides.

Melt the dark chocolate with water, place it in a flower bag, and write with a flower mouth 6 after warming.

First use a toothpick to draw the outline of the pattern you want. (I found a piece of paper, cut the pattern, cut it out, and spread it on the cake compared to the picture.)

Use the filled chocolate sauce to draw the outline. After the layer is finished, draw another layer after the chocolate has cooled. The outline should be higher to facilitate filling the pattern with color.

The thin thread on the cake surface is not so thin, and it is thick and not good-looking. Therefore, I use a toothpick to penetrate the wooden flower bag. The effect is particularly good9.

Food coloring is added to the whipped cream to bring out the right color. This one uses pink and pink 10.

Fill the rim 11 with the adjusted color irregularly.

Then fill the kitten head 12 with white.

I used pink or big red cream to make a bow. I used light purple in the lower part of the cake. The lower part of the inlay is not very easy to handle. Please be careful about some of the KT cat cakes introduced by you today.

It may be a bit flawed, but if you follow the instructions above, you can make delicious dishes.