How to choose the most suitable gym

How to choose the most suitable gym

Fitness clubs often advertise card offers, and many people can’t help but be tempted by low prices, and buy one as soon as they get the urge.

However, after going to exercise a few times, I often feel regretful and can’t persist.

You should know that choosing a gym is not the cheaper the better, but gyms with too low prices and even good facilities will have pile up and inconvenient items due to too many members.

So, don’t get dazzled by the preferential price, you must choose the right fitness club.

  The best budget to visit is from 6 to 8 pm. This arrangement is when the gym has the most crowded people in a day. Select this time to visit. There will be a more intuitive details of the membership flow, ventilation, cleanliness of the venue, and whether the space is sufficientTo understanding.

  Location: Convenience is important1.

Single class members can choose a gym near the company, and the best option for those who are already married is a gym not far from home.

  2. Check parking spaces.

If you have a car and don’t care about the distance, then you should pay attention to whether there is enough parking space and whether parking is convenient.

  3. Do not choose a basement.

Good ventilation is a basic condition that a gym should have.

During training, a large amount of sweat is discharged with you, ventilation equipment is not good, it is easy to breed bacteria, and produce an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, try not to choose a crowded basement.

  Fitness coach: must have professional field coaches and personal trainers.

The tour coach can provide free help and guidance while you exercise, and is also responsible for emergency situations.

Personal education is a one-on-one class for members. The fees are usually calculated separately and are not included in the annual card.

If you are a professional personal trainer, you will be given a comprehensive physical assessment during the initial training, including: 1. Basic physical indicators: such as height, weight, body fat ratio, circumference, cardiopulmonary function, soft body, metabolismRate etc.

  2. Previous medical history: If you have high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other susceptible diseases, you need to get the consent of a professional doctor before you can exercise.

In addition, it is necessary to record the exercise base, the maximum load, and the maximum number of lifts.

  Curriculum: Is it complete? If you want to participate in yoga, spinning, boxing, Pilates and other courses, you must pay attention to: 1. Fees: Some courses need to be charged separately. The fees for each gym are different. You should know beforehand.
  2. Time: Each month, the gym will issue a detailed schedule to see if the time of the course is consistent with your own time.

  3, the effect: mainly depends on the level of coaches hired, so we must know in advance, look at the information of each course coach.

  Service items: Reasonable price1. Drinking water: Most gyms provide attenuation during training. If you do not provide attenuation, you need to check whether the various drinks sold at the front desk are reasonably priced.

  2. Storage: See if the cabinet space is safe and free, and whether valuables can be placed at the front desk.

It seems that some fitness annual cards include the annual rent of a locker, while others charge extra, and the price is very expensive.

If you don’t want to carry a large bag of personal toiletries and sneakers to work every day, you need to consult clearly.

  3, bathing: check whether the hot and cold water is sufficient, the number of bathing rooms is sufficient, the bathing space is large enough, and the ventilation is good.

Also, the bathroom should have a hairdryer.

  4. Disinfection: The gym should also disinfect the equipment before the end of the day.

  Fitness equipment: enough quantity, good brand 1, strength equipment: should include bench press, squat rack, gantry, dumbbells and barbells of different weights, each muscle is equipped with at least 2-3 different training equipment.
  2, aerobic equipment: whether aerobic bicycles, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc. can be used normally, especially pay attention to whether there is a serious queuing phenomenon of basic equipment such as treadmills.


The safety of internationally renowned brands of fitness equipment is relatively guaranteed.

  Blink your eyes when you apply for a card1. When signing a contract, carefully check the terms.

Don’t just listen to the salesperson’s introduction, you should see whether the contract terms are consistent with the merchant’s verbal commitment.

At the same time, ask for the expiration date of the card, and don’t easily believe those words that you can continue to use it after the expiration date to avoid being cheated by the merchant.

In addition, consumers can request to add clauses to the format contract modified by the gym, stipulating how the membership card will handle or compensate if the business fails or is relocated.

  2, rational choice, eliminate waste.Merchants took advantage of the inertia of too many people, “After you open the card, you don’t need to exercise twice.

Therefore, before applying for a card, you should make clear how high your “loyalty” to fitness is, or start with a monthly or quarterly card to reduce risk and waste.

After the experience, the gym’s service quality, coaching situation, credibility, etc. have been recognized, and it is not too late to buy a long-term card.

  3, don’t be greedy for little.

“Even if you don’t have time to exercise, it’s cost-effective to take a bath.” Many people who have a fitness card will have this idea.

In fact, many times it is self-consolation.

  Some gyms are a bit nasty, making membership cards look cheap, but when you exercise, drinks, towels, showers (or even none) are charged separately, which is not cheap for a month.

In addition, those gyms that do not have a chain of stores must be cautious in their choice until its membership card is very cheap.

  Bargaining secrets: Be patient. General gym sales staff have 3 prices, and bargaining is a bit patient.

When the price can’t go down, you can ask the other party to give some extra benefits, such as sending an extra month or sending some services that originally need to be charged.